We want to give you our exceptional client experience that includes an information detailed consultation, invigorating shampoo followed by a relaxing scalp massage, precision hair cut, finishing up with a reminder of the products we used and any styling tips.

Heck NO, we want you to experience Eufora shampoo’s, conditioner’s and treatment. Our prices include this service and we want you to be able to relax during your stay here.

There are some gentlemen who come every 3 weeks and there are some ladies who come 2 twice a year. For women bare minimum is 4 times a year, every season change. For our male clients, if you are looking to upkeep your hair cut we suggest seeing you every 3-6 weeks.

Washing your hair the evening before an updo is ideal. This way the hair is not too clean and silky but also a little of your natural oils might have started coming out and that is good for doing updo’s. Please do NOT flat iron hair before coming in. That will leave the hair lifeless and too straight for such creations.

The simplest answer I can give is that drug store shampoos are filled with water, wax and perfume. These things actually attract dirt and oil to the hair.

From time to time people forget their appointments or things come up last minute. Please do not hesitate to call and re-schedule your appointment. Upon coming to your made up appointment, it protocol to bring Natalie cookies. Whether the cookies are bakery bought, grocery store bought or homemade, the chosen favored flavor is chocolate chip!!!

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