The Hair Salon is a unique team driven salon in the bustling Hintonburg area. We are known for our power blow drying skills, thorough and intensive consultations and are gearing up to have stylists who specialize in naturally curly hair and we have our own resident hair care specialist. We do what we do because we want to make your experience with us different than at other salons and show that we care about your specific hair needs. Our mission is to service any and all hair requests that come through the door, whether it is an individual or team approach by our junior, intermediate or senior staff members.


We are looking for motivated professional who loves to work with people, is career driven and loves to achieve personal and professional goals that we have set up together.

Does This Describe You?

  • Ability to keep busy and stay motivated–THIS IS A MUST 
  • Communicative & responsible
  • Able to work in a fast-paced environment
  • Excited to meet new people
  • Honest, loyal & trust worthy
  • Able to work hard to support a team
  • Customer service orientated
  • Willingness and understanding to sell products, book appointments and up sell packages


Upscale salon environment and products – Eufora gives us high quality products with Aloe as their first ingredient and they provide us with their proven 8 steps to financial success.

Accountability – we care about your progress, development and growth and we’ll consistently push you towards greatness.  Education is a must and we will work together to get you attending the classes you are needing and wanting.

Teammates – we have a unique working environment where your peers are your advocates. We genuinely want to see each other grow and soar to the top!


If this sounds like you, Apply Today!


The Hair Salon needs someone to jump on our busy bus to keep us all on time and working smoothly.  Are you currently in beauty school or interested in the business? Being an assistant is not just about cleaning the salon.  In fact, it is about keeping the salon running smoothly.  We need you to know who is coming in, who has arrived and when our clients expect to be all done their services.  Timing is everything in a salon.  Different stylists work on different time frames.  You’ll need to time manage all that.  For the right person, it will come naturally.  We are looking for you to join our team.  Job duties and expectations will include

  • Answering the telephone and greeting clients in person to book appointments or answer any questions they may have
  • Check them into our software system and offer a hot or cold beverage
  • Know the Eufora product and be introduced to their systems
  • Shampoo, condition and scalp massage
  • Pull colour formulas, mix colours and very possibly apply them as well
  • Blow dry, braid, flat iron or curl client’s hair

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Hair stylist

(Junior, Intermediate or Senior)

Are you ready to make the move to work in an environment that wants to see you succeed?  Where you can write in the amounts on your own checks?  We want to see you

  • Invest in your future by attending education
  • Strive for success by reading books, blogs, listening to podcasts and watching videos
  • Your energy and professionalism encourage clients to come in and your skill and talent keep them coming in
  • Have the communication skills that shows clients you are confident in your trade

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Social media specialist

Social media is the new back bone to our industry.  As hair stylists, estheticians or assistants, we are doing the very best we can at keep up with our accounts.  If you are taking a look at our Facebook page or Instagram account and you think we could use some help, reach out to us and let us know some of your thoughts.  Every little bit helps

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Salon Coordinator

This person runs the business of the salon.  You must thrive to work at many tasks at one time, while dealing with hair stylists!!!  You will need strong communication skills, enjoy public speaking and be self-motivated to want our business to do better.  Your pay will represent the efforts you are putting into this position.   Your tasks will be

  • Guest customer services (from A-Z. Greeting clients, talking up retail, dealing with dis-satisfied situations)
  • Running reposts (For the business, while ordering retail or for our stylists)
  • Knowing Eufora inside and out (full product knowledge and their 8 proven steps to finical success)
  • Keeping all inventory stocked
  • Managing costs of retail purchasing, back bar ordering and colour cabinet
  • Planning, communicating and implementing new team systems to help with organizational flow
  • Encouraging clients to partake in upgrading their services.

If this sounds like you, Apply Today!

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