Thank you for your patience during this difficult time.  We are happy to announce that The Hair Salon is open and excited to get everyone back in our chairs.

We are happily accepting new appointment requests via email and phone calls, please note that the priority will be booking clients who’ve had appointments canceled back in March

 In order to make this as seamless as possible, when requesting an appointment, we ask for you to please provide your top two desired days and times.  Due to the high volume, appointment time slots will go quickly.  Please try to answer our calls and emails promptly.  The more desired time slots will fill up quickly, so don’t delay if you have your heart set on a specific date and time.

In addition, when booking your initial appointment please take into account that our appointments might run longer then you are used to.  As you have not been in salon for quite some time your hair needs might have changed, so a lengthier consolation might be needed.

IMPORTANTLY – On the day of your appointment If you do not feel well or are experiencing any Covid like symptoms (fever, cough, shortness of breath) or have been in contact with someone who has tested posted positive for Covid, we ask that you cancel your appointment.  We will happily reschedule, once you are feeling better.  Please note that this is to ensure our health, as well as other clients that we will be coming in contact with.  Please respect this

On the day of your appointment, you might notice a few changes that The Hair Salon has made in order to safely reopen.  Additionally, we have had to modify some of our policies and procedures to ensure we continue to operate

Please note the following;

  • Our prices have had a slight increase to cover new costs.
  • Our service time frames have been modified in order to allow for proper cleaning and sanitization between clients.
  • Masks are required.  Both stylist and client are to be wearing masks throughout the whole service.  Please put your mask on prior to entering The Hair Salon.
  • Due to hygienic reasons we are no longer permitted to serve beverages. 
  • No extra people are permitted in the salon.  Please come to your appointment alone. Children’s appointments are the exception as they are allowed a caregiver with them
  • In order to keep our place as sanitized as possible, we ask you to limit the personal belongings you bring with you. 
  • There is no longer a waiting area at the salon.  We are asking all clients to wait outside until they are signaled by their hair stylist to enter.  You can request that your stylist text or call you when they are ready for you.
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